Respite, Attendant Care, & Homemaker Programs


Respite Services (RSP) provide temporary or periodic care for a person with disabilities in the absence of their usual caregiver or to provide relief to their usual caregiver. Activities can include assistance with meal preparation, daily living skills, grooming, participating in hobbies or clubs, administration of medications, and assistance with accessing the community.

Attendant Care (ATC) offers assistance to meet the daily living needs of a client of any age who is not able to care for themselves independently. These services allow a client to remain in their own home or community setting through assistance with cooking, eating, bathing, hygiene, errands, and household chores.

Homemaker Services (HSK) provide assistance to an individual who is unable to complete household duties independently, to help them maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment. Examples of services include dusting, sweeping or mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing clothes, bed making, and lawn care.

Habilitation (HAH) enhances skills in the areas of self-care, home living, communication, social, health, safety, leisure, self-direction and functional academics.  This service is provided in the members home.  This service is based on specific needs as identified by the individual (or individual’s family) and assisted by the Direct Support Provider.

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